Outcome Orientated

Outcome Orientated 'OO' is an umbrella organisation that brings together a collection of evidence based innovative projects that support the development of Mental Health services. These adopt an Outcome Orientated approach and are evidence based. They aim to transform the delivery of Mental Health services by maximising opportunities for delivering positive and recovery orientated outcomes for those with mental health problems.
OO-CAMHS Service Transformation Toolkit
By Timimi, Tetley and Burgoine
OO-CAMHS (an acronym that stands for Outcome Oriented Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) draws on a large international evidence base that has consistently shown certain extra-therapeutic factors (such as social context) and intra-therapeutic factors (such as therapeutic relationship) are most likely to influence outcome. It is the first CAMHS development that is designed to incorporate this evidence into a whole service model that can improve outcomes for children, adolescents and their families at the same time as maximising efficient use of resources. OO-CAMHS is a UK implementation of the wide ranging Heart and Soul of Change Project.

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BOOKS on Client Directed Outcome Informed approaches
Books for sale through the Heart and Soul of Change website will tell you all you need about the evidence base and practice of Client Directed and Outcome Informed approaches. You kind view them by clicking here.
Timimi S (2005)
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Critical Voices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
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