Outcome Orientated

Outcome Orientated 'OO' is an umbrella organisation that brings together a collection of evidence based innovative projects that support the development of Mental Health services. These adopt an Outcome Orientated approach and are evidence based. They aim to transform the delivery of Mental Health services by maximising opportunities for delivering positive and recovery orientated outcomes for those with mental health problems.
Other Training

See below for other training courses that we offer:
Outcome Orientated Approaches to Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS)

An e-learning programme designed to introduce practitioners and their managers in Mental Health services to the Outcomes Orientated approach to developing a whole service model for improving outcomes, patient choice and satisfaction, at the same time as decreasing costs and increasing capacity. Completion of these e-learning modules will enable the benefits of OO-AMHS to reach patients, staff and services as a whole, nationally and internationally.

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An Introduction to Brief and Systemic Therapy

A one year psychotherapy training accredited by the British Psychological Society. Trainees are introduced to brief and systemic therapy techniques that can be applied across settings and has relevance to treatments for all psychiatric and psychological disorders. Elements covered include theory, techniques, peer group case based discussion, and case supervision. The course involves e-learning and 24 face to face sessions delivered in Lincoln or Sleaford.

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The Relational Awareness Programme (RAP)

The Relational Awareness Programme (RAP) is a relationship-focused methodology for helping children (and adults) build their strengths, skills and resilience and use their intensity in successful ways. It lays the foundation for healthy, positive and reciprocal relationship between adults and children. This approach is a way of thinking and a set of strategies that are particularly useful for difficult, challenging and 'intense' children, but also tremendously valuable for relationships with all children.

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