Outcome Orientated

Outcome Orientated 'OO' is an umbrella organisation that brings together a collection of evidence based innovative projects that support the development of Mental Health services. These adopt an Outcome Orientated approach and are evidence based. They aim to transform the delivery of Mental Health services by maximising opportunities for delivering positive and recovery orientated outcomes for those with mental health problems.
Who Are We?


Sami Timimi

Sami Timimi is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Director of Medical Education in the National Health Service in Lincolnshire and a Visiting Professor of Child Psychiatry and Mental Health Improvement at the University of Lincoln, UK. He writes from a critical psychiatry perspective on topics relating to mental health and childhood and has published over a hundred articles and tens of chapters on many subjects including childhood, psychotherapy, behavioural disorders and cross-cultural psychiatry. He has authored 4 books including Naughty Boys: Anti-Social Behaviour, ADHD and the Role of Culture, co-edited 4 books including, with Carl Cohen, Libratory Psychiatry: Philosophy, Politics and Mental Health, and co-authored 2 others including, with Neil Gardiner and Brian McCabe, The Myth of Autism: Medicalising Men’s and Boys’ Social and Emotional Competence. He is co-founder of the Outcome Orientated Approach to Mental Health (OO-AMHS).
Reach Sami at: stimimi@talk21.com

Dianne Tetley
OO-CAMHS Research Director and Trainer
Dianne is Assistant Director of Research and Effectiveness at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Lincoln, UK. Her work is primarily aimed at improving the quality of mental health care for service users. Dianne is an innovator and implementer of quality improvement initiatives. Dianne has received expert training in the USA in the set-up and application of a client directed outcome informed approach to clinical work and service delivery. Her current projects include the development and implementation of an outcome orientated child and adolescent mental health service (OO-CAMHS) and the development of an online e-learning package for the delivery of an outcome orientated approach to the delivery of mental health services (OO-AMHS).
Reach Dianne at: Dianne_Tetley@hotmail.com